I Use the Word 'Diametrically' in This One

Posted on Thursday, the 16th of November, 2006.

One of things I've enjoyed most about my work over the last few years - one of the privileges of being a developer, as it were - has been working so closely with talented, driven people. It doesn't really matter whether you're speccing out a gritty DB schema with other developers, stepping through wireframes and storyboards with an interface designer, or having a heated debate about the place of PDFs on the web with senior management.

What's great is that everybody has an opinion, often diametrically opposed to your own. That's a great way to open your mind, and a great way to learn.

For the record, I didn't change my mind completely about PDFs, my views being somewhat akin to Jakob Nielsen's. But I accept they have a place, and can have a value to the paying client.

And if opening your mind can help to bring in a few more pennies, so be it.


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